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Studio: Yummygirl
Scenes From Sofie Marie

Underwater Creampie
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
77 Photos, 25 min of video
Bikini clad Sofie Marie swims underwater and shows off her heavenly mermaid physique before she gives an underwater blow job. Then she takes the hard cock in her shaved pussy, and the water surrounds her body and moves with each thrust. At ejaculation the cum floats out of her pussy and cum fills the surrounding water.

SofieMarieXXX WW Pink Sheer Nightie and Knickers

Diving For Dildos II
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
19 min of video
Sofie Marie is suited up in a Dubio extreme micro bikini, and she fishes out dildos from the pool. She blows bubbles, and masturbates with the didlos underwater.

Wicked Weasel Lime Orange Studio and Patio and Toy Test
Sofie Marie
126 Photos, 5 min of video
SofieMarieXXX WW Lime Orange Studio Patio

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SofieMarieXXX MS Lets Bandeau

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Nude Pool Waterfall
Sofie Marie
39 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Nude Pool Waterfall

Nude Shadows
Sofie Marie
46 Photos

Daisy Bikini by the Pool
Sofie Marie
60 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Daisy Pool

SofieMarieXXX WW White Sheer One Piece Pool

SofieMarieXXX WW Yellow One Piece Pool

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Pole Work For The Pool Man
Pressure , Sofie Marie
35 Photos, 25 min of video
SofieMarieXXX Pole Work for the Pool Man

SofieMarieXXX WW Rebel Dress Santorini Dreams

SofieMarieXXX Gigi and Sofie WCB Pink SF Part 1

Colleen Kelly Pink Cowgirl
Sofie Marie
134 Photos
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Golden Santorini Dreams
Sofie Marie
87 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Golden Santorini Dreams

Black Dubio Ring Bikini
Sofie Marie
39 Photos
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Rebel Pink Mesh Pool
Sofie Marie
109 Photos

Diving For Dildos
Sofie Marie
23 min of video
Sofie Marie is nude and diving for dildos in a swimming pool! She wears goggles and fucks herself underwater!

Pink Net Bodysuit
Sofie Marie
46 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Pink Net Bodysuit

SofieMarieXXX WW Coral Tank and Booty Shorts Desert

Wicked Weasel Knickers Confetti Dildo Review
Sofie Marie
72 Photos, 8 min of video
SofieMarieXXX WW Knickers Confetti Dildo

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Pearls In The Desert
Sofie Marie
71 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Pearls in the Desert

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Malibu Strings Nude Sparkle
Sofie Marie
126 Photos
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Red Bodysuit in Bed
Sofie Marie
48 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Red Bodysuit

SofieMarieXXX WW 70s Tshirt and Orange Knickers

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ASS Camo In Malibu Rocks
Sofie Marie
33 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM A s s Camo in Malibu Rocks

SofieMarieXXX WW Pink Candy Bikini

SofieMarieXXX WW Yellow Rocks Desert

Sofie Marie and Val Dodds are excited to meet each other and hang out as they pack for a weekend getaway.  They arrive in Panama on separate planes and meet in the hotel lobby, then they head off to dinner and belly dancing.  Then, they head back the hotel and jump in to bed with each other......They next morning, they decide to go shopping together, and when they get in the dressing room, they cannot keep their hands off each other!  Back at the hotel, they finish the job with hot and heavy sex on the couch in their suite.   The fun continues as they get in the spacious shower and clean each other from head to toe.  While shopping they bought some fun net dresses, so they put them on and headed to dinner and drinks at a popular bar/club, where they made quite an impression on the locals. After dinner they headed to the pool in their sexy bikinis...... They finally had to cool off so they ran and jumped into the pool to stem their desires.  They did not want to leave Panama or each other as the connection they made was so magical.  They made a promise to take another trip together soon, maybe Barcelona, Spain?

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Nude Malibu Cave
Sofie Marie
68 Photos
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Malibu Strings Pink Blacks
Sofie Marie
16 Photos
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Pink Flower Bikini
Sofie Marie
46 Photos
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Nude Hoodie Malibu Rocks
Sofie Marie
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Red Rocks Study Nude
Sofie Marie
28 Photos
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Yummygigi Gigi and Sofie A-s-s Slings Availa Beach

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Sofie ASS Slings Avila Beach
Sofie Marie
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Alexis Adams Bikini Teen Poolside
Alexis Adams
11 min of video
Aliciasgoddesses Alexis Adams Teen 3

Nude Poolside
Sofie Marie
26 Photos

SofieMarieXXX SM Purple Dubio Key West Malibu JSP

Spring Break
Sofie Marie
53 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM Spring Break Web

SofieMarieXXX SM Steve and Sofie Beach

Black Mega Mesh Bikini
Sofie Marie
91 Photos
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Black Melody Bikini
Sofie Marie
106 Photos
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Green Wave Wicked Weasel
Sofie Marie
117 Photos
Green Wave WW

Ass Gunmetal Malibu
Sofie Marie
15 Photos
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Strap Tease
Sofie Marie
63 Photos
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SofieMarieXXX Raven and Sofie Nude Cabins

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Seducing the Pool Boy
Rion King , Sofie Marie
185 Photos, 35 min of video
Sofie Marie is sunning by her pool, and her pool boy is really turning her on! They are checking each other out, and they make eye contact. Sofie really wants to show Rion what a mature woman can do to a young man, and Rion is game! Sofie drags him into the house for hot mature MILF sex!

Red Dubio Valley of Fire
Sofie Marie
30 Photos
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Sofie13 White One Piece
Sofie Marie
129 Photos, 5 min of video
Yummygirlz Sofie13 White One Piece

Sofie 14 Pink Bikini
Sofie Marie
51 Photos
Yummygirlz Sofie14 Pink Bikini

Take A Dip
Sofie Marie
122 Photos, 5 min of video
SofieMarieXXX Take a Dip

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Pimp -N -Ho
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
19 Photos, 12 min of video
SofieMarieXXX PimpNHo

Extreme Bikini Dressing Room Dildo
Sofie Marie
21 min of video
SofieMarieXXX Extreme Bikini Dressing Room Dildo

Knickers Glitter BJ
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
165 Photos, 15 min of video
Sofie Marie strips and spreads, and plays with her pussy in two different skimpy outfits and then she blows her photographer!

SofieMarieXXX WW Black Top and Knickers

Wicked Weasel Mesh And Bow
Sofie Marie
64 Photos
SofieMarieXXX WW Mesh and Bow

Malibu Strings Tiger Beach
Sofie Marie
136 Photos

Black Boots
Sofie Marie
85 Photos

Malibu Strings 4th Of July
Sofie Marie
58 Photos
Happy Birthday

Graffiti Artist Hook Up
Chad Diamond , Sofie Marie
40 Photos, 20 min of video
Sofie is checking out a tunnel with cool graffiti when she happens upon Chad tagging a wall.  She is admiring his work and is very intrigued by his "bad" behavior.  Her pussy gets so wet she has to have his bad boy cock - NOW!  She whips out his dick, sucks it hard then fucks Chad hard.  Chad can't believe his good fortune and he finally busts his nut deep in Sofie's pussy!

White Wet Dress
Sofie Marie
75 Photos
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Yummygigi Gigi and Sofie Green WW Web

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Red Rocks Edge Study Nude
Sofie Marie
8 Photos
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Wicked Temptations Sparkle
Sofie Marie
107 Photos
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Black Reckless
Sofie Marie
83 Photos
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White Shirt Ibiza
Sofie Marie
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